Think about the Earth When Renovating Your Home

Think about the Earth When Renovating Your Home

  • What You Need To Now About Asbestos

    Asbestos is a very effective and affordable fire retardant and this made it an extremely popular choice for home builders in the past. However, as time went on the true dangers of using asbestos in homes became more and more known. Now there are laws in place regarding asbestos which prevent it from being used. Asbestos can lead to severe lung problems and even cancer. This article will give you advice on some of the things you should be aware of about asbestos so you know how to spot it and what to do about it.

  • Steps To Take After Your Home Is Damaged In A Hurricane

    A hurricane is a powerful storm that includes torrential rain and incredibly strong winds, so it is no surprise that a hurricane can cause a lot of damage to a house. After the storm passes, a lot of clean up will need to be done to get your home back to normal. If your home has been damaged during a hurricane, take the following steps: Photograph Everything Prior to cleaning up anything inside your house or out in your yard, carefully photograph all of the damage.

  • A Guide To Nuclear Shielding For Your Business

    If you want to lower your liability risk, while making your business a healthier place overall, nuclear shielding should be on your priority list. There are a number of reasons that companies look into nuclear shielding, so you need to make yourself aware of what it is and how you can take advantage. In this aspect, you will be able to get a head start on this information by reading this article and applying the tips outlined below.

  • Preparing To Move To A New Home: Three Reasons You Should Rent A Dumpster

    As you prepare to move to a new home, you'll likely consider purchasing boxes, cleaning your home, and hiring a moving company. While renting a dumpster might not be the first thing you think of as you prepare to move, there are several great reasons why you should consider this as part of your moving preparation. Here are just some of the many ways renting a dumpster can help as you get ready to move.

  • Safely Storing Hazardous Waste Before Transport

    Many of the industrial and manufacturing processes that are in use today result in the creation of hazardous wastes. These waste products must be handled with care when they are stored in preparation for disposal in order to ensure that they don't leak out into the environment and contaminate your work area. Here are three tips that you can use to help your company properly store hazardous waste while you wait for a reputable hazardous waste disposal company to come and remove the waste from your work site.

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    Think about the Earth When Renovating Your Home

    When my husband and I bought our first home, we bought a "fixer-upper" to work on for a few months before we moved in. Once we started discussing the improvements we would make to it, I realized that my husband had no idea how different building materials affected the earth and would affect the air we breathed in our home. Thankfully, he did understand that energy-efficiency was important for both the earth and our budgets. To make sure we made all of the right decisions that would help us create a healthy, eco-friendly home, I put a lot of research into building methods and materials that helped us create a wonderful, safe place we now live in. I want to help others build healthier, more eco-friendly homes, so I want to share what I have learned on a blog. Come back soon for tips!